Welcome to A World of Stories for Children!

When I was about six-years-old, I began to feel that writing (actually, drawing at that point in my life!) was an intriguing idea. And I have been writing ever since.

Many years later, I have a wealth of work to share, specifically for children and their adults. One reason I do this kind of work can be summed up in a quote fro Rabbi Yehuda Nisiah, circa 250 C.E.:

“The moral universe rests upon the breath of schoolchildren.”

This is a site filled with tales of love and social justice, of ancient saints and today’s holy people. You will find information about Catholic culture and reflections on how to observe and celebrate it in a contemporary and secular society.

More specifically, if you are looking for ways to teach kids the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, need a funny story about Saint Teresa of Avila, must gently but honestly introduce children to difficult subjects such as child labor, or want some ideas for engaging preschoolers with the story of the Nativity, this is the place to come. You will find stories, activities, art projects and discussion questions.

I wish I could invite you in for a pot of tea and some conversation about kids, spirituality and social justice. But this site should be the next best thing.

Please “come in” and make yourself at home with the ideas and books you will find in a variety of “rooms” online.

Autumn blessings!