Activities for Kids

Stories have been around since the beginning of humankind. In past generations, children were told Bible stories, folk tales, and anecdotes about their ancestors. Stories help educate our emotional side, which may be why Jesus taught in parables. By appealing to our feelings, stories stay with us longer and affect us more profoundly than teachings that are purely rational. Over the centuries, stories have not lost their power to teach, heal, encourage, challenge, advise, and entertain.

Stories also help develop the imagination, which brings delight and pleasure in childhood but plays an important role in adulthood, too. The imagination is the ability to think in images. Without it, we cannot develop a sense of compassion because we cannot imagine our neighbor’s plight. The lack of imagination may even hinder the ability to love because we cannot see another’s full potential. Without imagination we will take no initiative, for we cannot see the possibilities for growth and development. And we need imagination to think in analogies, which is the only way we can think of God.

The need for stories has not changed. However today’s children hear fewer stories, and these are often conveyed through movies and other screen media. Certain shows are excellent, but many do not contain the richness of traditional storytelling, nor do they often enhance the imagination. And all too infrequently do these stories give children a sense of spirituality, or the Spirit being nearby.

This section is designed to give you many option for storytelling with children.

Throughout history, many inspirational people have taught us new ways to see and act in our world. Children can learn about these important people through stories. I have created stories, projects, puppet shows and plays so kids can “meet” them too.