All God’s Children

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(Ages 3-8), for grades preK-2

This book is the 2nd place winner in the children’s book category of the 2011 Catholic Press Association Awards!

Author Anne Neuberger takes storytelling to a whole new level. These delightful stories give children unique insights into the way other children live in far-off places like India, Turkey, China, Ethiopia, and Iraq. Each introduces wonderful customs and traditions, and also offers guidelines for before reading the story, and questions, activities, and prayers for after reading the story.

Best of all, Neuberger s stories introduce children, parents, and teachers to Catholic Social Teaching in a simple yet profound way. She gently creates an awareness of our responsibility to one another as a human family and as God s family. Twenty-six of the stories are about individual children from diverse cultures and sixteen are based on cultural feasts and festivals from around the world. All are excellent, informative, and fun.


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