Multiplying Bread and Walking on Water

A Story of Two Miracles
Based on Matthew 14:13-33

Download puppets here

Preparation: Scene 1


  • Jesus sitting
  • two disciples
  • a crowd


  • Five loaves and two fish, with two-sided tape on the back
  • a real basket or two, filled with French or pita bread and fish-shaped crackers, more than enough to feed everyone in the audience.


A sunny day on a hillside. Draw people who are listening to Jesus (but do not draw Jesus), some further off, others closer.


The narrator stands next to the stage.
Enter Jesus sitting, crowd, and disciples.

Jesus had been teaching large crowds all day. He cured people who were sick. As the hours were by, his disciples suggested that the people should leave so they could go buy food.

Jesus said, “They don’t have to go away. Give them some food,” Jesus told his disciples.

They looked out at the huge numbers of people. “We only have five loaves of bread and two fish,” one of the disciples said. “That won’t begin to feed all these people!”

“Bring the food to me,” Jesus said.
A puppeteer reaches up and tapes the bread and fish onto Jesus’ hands.

Jesus took the loaves and fish. He looked up to heaven and he said the blessing. Then he broke the loaves, and handed them out. There was more than enough bread and fish to feed everyone! And there were baskets and baskets of leftovers!
Exit all the puppets.

The narrator then brings out the baskets of bread and fish crackers, and invites someone to say a blessing. Then the food is passed for everyone to share the food.

Preparation: Scene 2


  • The boat with the disciples
  • Peter
  • Jesus standing

Prop suggestions

The water border.


Use a poster board color that shows it is nighttime but is light enough to draw on. The bottom portion of the backdrop can be water and a shoreline. A mountain should be in the background. The water border should be copied enough times to span the front of the stage. Attach it onto the front of the stage so the boat will “float” behind it.

Tips for this scene:

Peter should be attached to the boat with two-sided tape so he can be taken off the boat to walk on water.


The narrator stands In front of the stage.

After the crowd of people had eaten and were satisfied, they left. Jesus told his disciples to get into their boat. They would row to the other side of the water. He would come later. Jesus then went up the mountain to pray.

The narrator moves to the side of the stage.
Enter the boat with the disciples and Peter, who must also be In the boat The boat should remain on one side of the stage.

Evening came on. A strong wind came up on the water. The waves tossed the boat about.
The audience can make wind sounds by blowing through pursed lips. Begin rocking the boat. Stop the wind sounds.

Suddenly, they saw a figure coming toward them! The person was not in a boat, but was walking on the water!
Enter Jesus, walking slowly across the water. His feet should show just above the water border.

The disciples were terrified. “It’s a ghost!” they cried out. The figure immediately called, “Take courage! It is I, Jesus! Don’t be afraid.”

Peter called back, “Lord, if it is really you, tell me to walk over the water to you.” Jesus said to come.
Peter jumps into the water. Walk him along the border. He can bob up and down just slightly.

Peter jumped out of the boat and began walking. Peter the fisherman was actually walking on top of the water!
Jesus are moving closer to each other. Audience can briefly make wind sounds.

But Peter felt how strong the wind was. He became afraid. As soon as he felt afraid, he began to sink.
Peter sinks behind the border up to his waist, Jesus should now be close to him.

Immediately, Jesus reached out and caught him.
Jesus pulls Peter up.

They both stood on the water. Jesus said to Peter, “Do not doubt me. Trust me.”
Jesus and Peter got into the boat. Both puppets board the boat.

Then the wind died down.
The boat stops rocking.

The disciples looked at Jesus and said, “You surely are the Son of God!”
Exit all puppets.

Closing prayer

Jesus, you are the bread of life. Help us to believe in you, to trust you, and to love you always.
All: Amen.