Creation Care Kids and Earthkeepers

These e-resources help children learn about care for our common home, based on Pope Francis’ encyclical, LAUDATO SI’.

For Mini-Curriculum

For Earthkeepers VBS kit

Additional Resources:

– A concise summary of Pope Francis’ seminal work, the encyclical, Laudato Si’

– A free, downloadable resource for children: Creation Care Problem-Solvers

In Creation Care Problem Solvers, you will learn about:

  • Heroes for Animals: Learn about particular endangered animals and the problem solvers who are working to protect them.
  • Big Name Hunters: These famous creation caretakers have inspired many people through the years and helped us better understand how to care for God’s creation.
  • Communion of Saints: Learn about these people who went before us, some even dying to care for our common home.
  • Kid Fixers: These children problem solvers have had an amazing impact!