Coming Full Circle – Ordinary Time and Autumn

September, October, and November

Laughing with God

A Story of St. Teresa of Avila

Life Dates: 1515-1582
Feast Day: October 15

Little Teresa and her brother Rodrigo read about people who lived in stone huts in the desert so they could pray all day. Wanting to love God like this, Teresa and Rodrigo went outside to build their own huts. But they couldn’t find enough stones, so they had to live in their house! Teresa would find other ways of doing God’s work in the world when she got older.

Teresa grew into a friendly, loving and beautiful young woman, full of energy and fun. She could dance sing, and tell jokes. She no longer thought about praying so much, Insead she went to parties in pretty dresses. Everybody loved Teresa!

And so did God.

AS she got older, Teresa realized how much she loved God. One day, looking at a picture of Jesus, she suddenly felt sad that she did not love God more than she did. She decided to live her life showing God her love. She prayed often and God gave her the gift of hearing God’s voice!

She also wanted to be God’s eyes, hands and feet in the world. She became a sister, or nun, and traveled all over to set up good convents for other women. She traveled in cold, heat and floods. Sometimes she ran out of food, most often she was uncomfortable. Still, she solved many problems, spoke with important people, and also wrote books and letters.

Yet she was still the same Teresa, full pf laughter and fun. If the other sisters were gloomy or crabby, she started to dance and sing. Soon everyone felt better.

Teresa made great jokes too. At least once, she even joked with God! Teresa was traveling in a donkey cart. It turned over and Teresa fell out—into the mud. She was frustrated, but she head God say, “That is how I treat all my friends.”

Teresa answered, “No wonder you have so few firneds!”

Oh, how God much love Teresa!

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