As Many as the Stars

A Story of Sarah and Abraham’s Family
Based on Genesis 15 and 18

Download puppets here

Preparation: Scene 1


Abraham looking up to heaven.


Dark blue poster board covered with many adhesive stars.

Tips for this scene:

There should be a feeling of quiet and reverence on Abraham’s part. God’s voice should portray love and authority; Abraham’s should be respectful but puzzled. If the audience is made up of preschool through first graders, they could be “stars.” When God tells Abraham that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars, children can make their hands twinkle like stars. Have them hold their hands above their heads, closed into a fist, then open them, again and again. Another method would be to draw stars on the palms of their hands in washable markers. Help them understand that they are also Abraham’s descendants.


The narrator stands to the side of the stage.

Long, long ago, most people did not know there is only one God. They believed that there were many gods. They made up stories about these gods. But there was one couple who believed in one true God. Their names were Abraham and Sarah. God had spoken to them. God gave them directions about where to live. They did what God asked of them.
Enter Abraham.

One starry night, Abraham stood outside of their tent. Again he listened for God. And God spoke. “You are a faithful servant, Abraham. I will bless you and your children. I will bless your children’s children’s children.” Abraham answered, “God, Sarah and I pray. We try to do as you ask. But we have no children for you to bless.” God said, “Look up, Abraham. See the stars? Count them.” Abraham gazed at the stars. There were too many to count!
Children can make stars with their hands.

God went on, “You will have as many descendants as the stars. Your children’s children’s children will be too many to count.”
Abraham gazes up for a moment of silence, then exits.

Preparation: Scene 2


  • Sarah
  • Abraham with hands reaching out
  • three strangers
  • baby Isaac


A drawing of a plate of food.


Light blue poster board. Drawn on the left side is a tent, with the inside fully visible. An illustrated children s Bible may give artists a good idea of the type of tent needed. It must be large enough for the Sarah puppet to stand in. Bedding and cooking utensils can be seen in it. There should be a table for Sarah to knead bread, with bread dough drawn on it. Outside of the tent, draw a large tree that the puppets can stand under.

Tips for this scene:

Abraham is greatly excited. The Abraham puppeteer should have him be in a flutter of activity. The plate of food and the baby Isaac puppets can be attached to the other puppets with two-sided tape.


Enter Abraham puppet.

One hot day, Sarah was resting in their tent. Abraham was resting just outside of the tent. Suddenly he saw three people coming. “Sarah!” Abraham called excitedly. “We have company!”

Enter three strangers from the right.

“Welcome, welcome!” Abraham said. “Please stop and rest here! Rest under the tree. It is so hot! We will get you everything you need!” Abraham began running around. He asked Sarah to make bread.
Abraham goes into the tent briefly, exits on left side. Attach food puppet to Abraham. He enters and joins three strangers.

“Here, please eat, enjoy!” Abraham said happily. “Where is your wife Sarah?” one guest asked. “She is making bread in our tent,” Abraham said. “She wants to you visit too!” Inside the tent, Sarah was listening.

Edge Sarah over to wall of tent to listen.

One guest said, “I will come back next year. Then Sarah will have a baby boy.” When Sarah heard this, she laughed to herself. She was going to have a baby? Sarah had always longed for a child. But now she was too old to have a baby! Then the stranger said, “Why did Sarah laugh? God can do everything. God can give Sarah a baby.” Now Sarah was afraid. Who was this stranger? “I did not laugh,” she called out. But the stranger answered, “Oh, yes you did!” Then the three strangers left.
Exit three strangers to the right. Then exit Abraham and Sarah to the left.

And a wonderful thing happened. A year later Sarah and Abraham did have a baby!
Enter Abraham and Sarah with Isaac puppet attached to Sarah. They stand outside of the tent

They named the baby “Isaac,” which means “laughter.” Now Abraham and Sarah’s descendants live all over the world. And some of them are sitting here today!
Gesture to include the audience.

Closing prayer

Dear God, you told Abraham, “I will bless you and your children and your children’s children’s children.” May we live together peacefully as your children.

All: Amen.