To Act Justly: Introducing Catholic Social Teachings to Children with Stories and Activities

For ages 7-11, for grades 2-6

Catholic social teaching is not an extra or a frill, but an essential part of the faith, and therefore a necessary part of children’s faith formation.

This focus of this child-and-adult book is stories, with numerous activities and resources to enhance the meanings of the stories. The stories are of real people who acted justly and helped change the world, as well as real situations of children struggling in unjust situations.

These stories:

  • teach the Beatitudes
  • introduce the teachings of Vatican II
  • familiarize children with the seven social justice principle

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Additional information about this book:

– Part One contains stories of saints who lived the beatitudes, such as Catherine of Siena, Peter Claver and Paul Miki.
– Part Two offers fictional stories of today’s children from around the world, in places such as Albania, Tanzania and Bolivia.
– Part Thee has stories of real people who act justly, such as Rachel Carson and Craig Kielburger


*** For kid friendly definitions of Catholic Social Teachings click here.