The Gifts of the Grandmothers

Illustrated by Jeff West

For ages 4-8

Noriko Rose loves dolls. Today is Hinamatsuri, the Japanese Doll Festival, when grandmothers, mothers and daughters enjoy setting up a display of exquisite and dignified dolls. Noriko’s grandmother, her obaa-san, arrives with dolls from her own childhood to give to Noriko.

As they are setting up these dolls, Noriko’s other grandmother, Nyanay, arrives. She too has a special doll to give to Noriko. But this doll is not beautiful. In fact, Noriko is frightened by it. But all the adults see something very important about this doll too. With help from her father, Noriko begins to appreciate the complicated and amazing heritage her grandmothers are giving to her.


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Additional Information:
The festival of Hinamatsuri
The Underground Railroad