The Faithful Citizen: How to Teach Children about Faith and Public Policy (also called Becoming Faithful Citizens as Kids)

4 pages – Reproducible PDF eResource

Laudato Si’ calls on all of us to work through our political system to promote the common good: for all people and the rest of creation. Pope Francis says that change will not happen unless we influence those in power. Likewise, he urges us to work through community organizations and other groups to create a better world.

This guide helps parents and teachers to nurture a child’s Christ-like compassion and to develop a sense of political and community responsibility. It provides tips for three age groups: preschool through grade 2, grades 3 through 6, and middle through high school. Specific suggestions are made for school and religious education classes and at home.

The Catholic Church is nonpartisan. It does, however, call us to be political. It is our children’s right as citizens in a democracy to learn about our political process. It is the adults’ responsibility to teach them. Catholic parents and teachers have a unique responsibility in this area for they must help their children understand what Jesus asks of them as they become part of their greater community. This guide is a perfect way to start.

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