The Angel’s Journey

Illustrated by Jeff West
A picture book to share with children ages 3-8

This comforting bedtime story offers feelings of love and security and invites young listeners to imagine how other children around the world also settle down to sleep.

Each night, a magnificent angel begins her midnight flights. She is sent by the Greatest One to bless all the earth’s children. Anywhere there are little ones going to sleep, she sends this Love. From the vast frozen lands of Siberia to the savannahs of Tanzania, and over an ocean to the forests of Canada, she flies. She continues over large cities and small towns of the United States and down to Ecuador and still further to the pampas of Argentina.

As she wings her way over ancient cities and ageless mountains, she finds houses perched on stilts, or heated by volcanoes. Some are made of bricks, others of felted wool, and still others, of cardboard. She sees newborns dozing in hospitals, children snug in apartments bedrooms, some cozy on the floor, some in beds where a nearby dog snores.

The angel smiles at the slumbering children and the adults who love them. Every night, she blesses them with the forever Love.

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