St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Illustrated by Tessie Bundick

For ages 5 to adult

The evening of December 5 each year of my childhood held a magic so strong, I could feel it in the air. All day I waited for darkness to come, and then for the sound of the backdoor slamming. This night was when St. Nicholas came! He always left a bag of candy. No matter how fast I ran through the kitchen, I never got to see him. He remained a complete mystery to me, and I longed to know more about him.

Years later I did manage to pursue him. Not through the kitchen, not into the cold December night, but into the stories he had left behind over many centuries.

The result is this book, filled with tales for a winter night. I found St. Nicholas first as a child in the fourth century, and then as a remarkable adult whose ability to perform miracles had already begun. And death did not end his work in the world! Over the centuries, stories of his mysterious intercessions were handed down from generation to generation. It seems his great spirit still touches the oppressed, the frightened and the poor. And believers still sense his joy and delight too.

Settle in by the fire and read or listen. You will feel the magic.

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